Jean-Philippe Rémy

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Kidal, in the desert of northern Mali, is a dusty, tedious town, reminiscent of some long-forgotten Foreign Legion outpost, with its crenellated fort and military camps and too many people walking about with guns. Getting there is difficult and dangerous. There are no commercial flights and on the roads, carjackings are common.

Ghislaine Dupont, a reporter for Radio France Internationale, and her sound engineer, Claude Verlon, managed to get space on a United Nations flight. They planned to report on the situation in Kidal, where French troops and United Nations peacekeepers are trying to keep the peace.

Instead, on Nov. 2, shortly after they arrived and just after they finished interviewing the leader of the main, non-jihadist Tuareg separatist group, they were abducted by four men, forced into a pickup truck, driven into the desert and killed.…  Seguir leyendo »