Jennifer Zhu Scott

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The Facebook login screen. Photo: Getty Images.

Are people starting to realize how valuable their data is?

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal was a wakeup call for many people. Since then, I've observed an ever-expanding collective awakening on data privacy globally. However, the link to the economic value of data created by individuals might still be unclear for most people. That said, the growing demand for protecting our privacy has started a powerful movement to answer the question of 'how'.

When we dig into how the large tech companies generate their outsized profits using data from us, it becomes natural to question the value of our data, especially when it carries such intimate details of personal lives.…  Seguir leyendo »

Portraits by '3 Robots Named Paul' - an art installation by Patrick Tresset which uses robots to sketch human models. Photo: Getty Images.

If we could shrink the entire history of our planet to one year, humans would have shown up roughly at 11pm on  31 Dec. In the grand scheme of things, we are insignificant. However, if we expand our thinking to the entire observable universe, our evolutionary success is a stroke of near-impossible luck that comprises all the biological conditions and chances required for us to become the dominant species on this planet. Of the 300 billion solar systems in the Milky Way, Earth is the only planet on which we know life exists. Out of the 8.7 billion known species on earth, we became the first general intelligence.…  Seguir leyendo »