Jenny Nordberg

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A #MeToo rally in Stockholm in October. Credit Hans Christiansson

Cissi Wallin was sitting in a TriBeCa diner this October when she first saw the story on Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults and harassment of women. An actor and writer based in Stockholm, the 32-year-old Ms. Wallin had come to Manhattan on vacation with her husband and toddler son, and as she kept on reading, she silently asked herself:

“What if people would believe me now?”

Ms. Wallin had filed a police report in 2011, a few years after she was sexually assaulted only to see it dismissed within weeks. This time she decided to do something different: She put the name of a well-known columnist for Sweden’s largest left-wing tabloid newspaper on her Instagram page, alongside a statement saying he had drugged and violently raped her in Stockholm more than a decade ago.…  Seguir leyendo »