Jerry Pinto

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India and the Right to Suicide

L. is 21 years old, a Mumbai media professional who wears his hair gelled and his shirts buttoned down. We met at a book reading a few weeks ago, and soon he was telling me about the night two years ago when a friend of his tried to kill herself.

Four friends were at a bar, drunk, L. recalled, when S. said she would never get over the man she was in love with. She went to the toilet and came back wrists bleeding. “The owner freaked and called the police,” L. said. “We cut out quickly and got away before they showed up.”

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In India, Growth Breeds Waste

There is, we are told, a small island of plastic in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There was, we are told, a fatberg plucked out of the sewers of London. But nowhere in the world is dirt as visible as in India. It is so visible that for many Indians who return from America, even from New York, it isn’t the Grand Canyon or the Met they remember. It’s how clean the streets were.

That’s because you can’t get away from the dirt of India. My city, Mumbai, has an estimated 20 million people. According to one estimate, we produce 630 grams of garbage per person per day — that’s 12.6 million tons every day.…  Seguir leyendo »