Jill Dougherty

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The Obama presidency is almost over — and Russian officials can’t wait. They’re not mincing words.

«God created the world in seven days,» Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said this week on her Facebook page. «The Obama administration has (seven plus) two more days to destroy it.»

During the election campaign, Russian state media criticized America’s «sham democracy.» That strategy no longer worked when Donald Trump won the presidency.

Now anti-Americanism has given way to personal attacks on Barack Obama. The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman is one of the more creative Obama bashers, taking to Facebook several times a day with zingers such as this:

«It seems to me that if ‘Russian hackers’ have hacked something in the US, it was two things: Obama’s brain and, of course, the very report about the ‘Russian hackers.'»…  Seguir leyendo »

As Washington pundits watch the carnage in Kiev, images of a rapacious Russian President Vladimir Putin, puppet master of Ukraine and of its president, Viktor Yanukovich, stalk the headlines. Putin, the theory goes, is willing to stoke a civil war in order to keep Ukraine from turning to the West.

America’s obsession with Putin, however, does not explain the complex realities fueling the uprising in Ukraine, or the uneasy relationship between Putin and Yanukovich. Long before the uprising began, if Yanukovich had carried out real economic and political reform, he would not have been caught between a long-term promise of a closer relationship with Europe and an immediate hand-out from Moscow, and with it the Kremlin’s demand that he toughen up and put down the opposition’s demonstrations.…  Seguir leyendo »