John McTernan

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A man you’ve never heard of resigns from a job you didn’t know existed. How worried should you be?

If you care about the UK getting a good deal from Brussels after it leaves the European Union, then quite worried. Especially if that man is Sir Ivan Rogers and the post is the UK’s permanent representative to the European Union, or more colloquially, the British ambassador to the EU.

The contents of the resignation email that Rogers sent to his colleagues — which has been published by various British media outlets — suggests that the UK government is still some way from having a solid negotiating position for when it leaves the EU.…  Seguir leyendo »

NATO has a big problem. And it’s not President-elect Donald Trump. In the end, the alliance knows how to talk to him and it knows how to influence the security apparatus that sits round any president. No, the real challenge for NATO can be summed up in one word: Brexit.

It’s not that Brexit in any way weakens the commitment of British politicians to NATO. Far from it. They have been vehemently — and sincerely — committing to continued defense cooperation. The problem is what the Brexit vote proved to the rest of the world: Longstanding international organizations that do not renew their popular mandate are vulnerable.…  Seguir leyendo »

“Kevin07, Gone by 11”, was the taunt in Canberra when I was there last month – and so it proved. Kevin Rudd, who returned Labor to power in Australia after 12 years in opposition, and who achieved some of this highest approval ratings in Australian history, was unceremoniously dumped by his party today. What does this mean for the direction of the Australian government?

In broad political terms, probably not much. Though Julia Gillard is, in Labor factional terms, from the left, she was put there by the right. They made the same calculation as James Purnell did over Gordon Brown last year – that the party would go down to electoral defeat with its current leader.…  Seguir leyendo »