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The Road to Climate Recovery Goes Through the Wild Woods

The 2015 Paris climate agreement called on nations of the world to preserve forests and other ecosystems that store carbon. But forests continue to disappear — cut and burned and fragmented into ever smaller patches. This failure challenges all of our other climate efforts because unless forests remain standing, the world will never contain global warming.

In one of their first major actions this week, delegates at the global climate conference in Glasgow pledged to end deforestation, committing $12 billion to the effort, with an additional $7 billion from the private sector. But this is not the first time such a promise has been made, and yet deforestation has continued.…  Seguir leyendo »

A tropical rainforest with a small river inside the heart of Madidi national park, Bolivia.Credit Tomas Zrna/Moment Open, via Getty Images

Sit on a log by the Madidi River in Bolivia at dusk and you can hear what an Amazon forest should sound like. The music includes red howler monkeys, breathy thumps from the mutum jungle fowl, droning cicadas, eerie calls locals attribute to deadly bushmaster vipers and the unhinged excitement of elusive titi monkeys. Around your feet, the beach is crisscrossed by jaguar tracks and those of the pony-size tapir, a shy beast that, if you keep quiet, will saunter out of the forest and swim across the river.

This is what scientists call an “intact forest landscape.” It’s a swath of at least 500 square kilometers (about 193 square miles, equal to 70,000 soccer fields) of unbroken forest.…  Seguir leyendo »