Joshua Chaffin

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© David Williams/Bloomberg | Bowery Farming’s indoor farm in Kearny, New Jersey

The asphalt-covered industrial park on the marshlands between Newark, New Jersey and Manhattan looks like a promising place to grow cracked pavement or broken glass. Yet something more appetising is sprouting inside one of its warehouses: strawberries.

Amid the persistent thrum of air conditioning units and beneath the glow of fluorescent lights, berries of exquisite flavour are on display alongside trays of aromatic leafy greens. They are monitored by an array of machines and laptop-toting technicians clad in white jumpsuits, who occasionally speak of “dialling in” certain “flavour profiles” or “optimising” yield. As a scene of nature being mastered by technology, it is both impressive and a bit unsettling.…  Seguir leyendo »