Juan Manuel Casal

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An 18th-century painting shows an indigenous woman with her Spanish husband and their child. The plaque reads: ‘From a Spaniard and an Indian is produced a mestizo.’ Wikimedia Commons

Any notion that the United States had become “post-racial” ended when Donald Trump, who as a candidate questioned president Barack Obama’s citizenship and employed heated racial rhetoric, was elected to succeed the country’s first black president.

As North American social issues often do, the debate on race and equality is has an echo in Latin America. Mexican historian Enrique Krauze recently praised Latin America’s “talent for tolerance” in the New York Times, noting that, as early as 1858, Mexico elected an indigenous president (Benito Juárez). Since then, 33 of the country’s 36 presidents have been mestizos – that is, in Latin American parlance, someone of mixed race.…  Seguir leyendo »