Kateryna Bogoluslavska

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When compulsory asset and income declarations for Ukrainian officials were finally enforced in 2016, the scale of the wealth amassed was a shock even to a country well inured to endemic corruption. For example, Ukraine’s 423 MPs declared a total of £394 million – an average of £930,000 per person. In a country where the average monthly salary is just £163 it is not surprising that there have been calls for criminal investigations.

What’s different this time?

More than 100,000 officials submitted electronic declarations, the details of which are made available to the public via the National Agency for Corruption Prevention.…  Seguir leyendo »

On 20–21 October, EU leaders will discuss their relationship with Russia and whether to retain, adapt or drop the sanctions regime introduced in 2014 to express discontent with Russia’s actions and to constrain its behaviour. While the debate in Western capitals has focused on the personal and sectoral sanctions to influence Moscow’s policies, little attention has been paid to sanctions erosion.

Businesses and local authorities in Donbas and Crimea have been exploiting loopholes in the sanctions regime, but these transgressions have not so far met with any response from Western governments. Their silence is sustaining the finances of the unrecognized authorities in occupied territory in Donbas and Russian-annexed Crimea.…  Seguir leyendo »