Keith Magee

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Protesters clash with police on Friday, following the death of Nahel, a 17-year-old teenager killed by a French police officer during a traffic stop, in Nanterre, a Paris suburb. Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

On Tuesday morning in a suburb west of Paris, a 17-year old French driver of Algerian descent was shot dead at point-blank range by a police officer for failing to comply during a traffic stop.

The incident has sparked three nights of rioting across France, with some 40,000 police officers deploying overnight Thursday into Friday morning and hundreds of people arrested. The officer has been detained and charged with voluntary homicide.

President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday that the killing of the boy, named as Nahel, was “inexplicable and inexcusable”. That it was inexcusable was beyond doubt, as was evident in the video of the tragedy.…  Seguir leyendo »

My little boy, who is not quite 9, would like to go to a professional football game here in Britain where we live. I have often felt an overwhelming sense of community when sitting in the stands at football tournaments.

But I’m reluctant to take my son along. I can’t help but worry about the attitudes he might encounter there toward people of color like us. That’s because the “beautiful game” we both love has a shameful racism problem.

The problem is in the spotlight yet again following the vile abuse directed at Black Brazilian Vinícius Júnior during a match between his team Real Madrid and Valencia.…  Seguir leyendo »