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There were two very different stories in British politics over the weekend. The first was of a million people marching in one of the largest demonstrations in British history to demand a people’s vote on Brexit. The second story was about a much smaller gathering: About a dozen Conservative party leaders and Brexiteers — all male, white, middle-aged and elite —made their way to Prime Minister Theresa May’s sprawling country estate in yet another desperate attempt to save her premiership.

The will of the people was visible on the streets: We are united against Britain’s needless act of self-harm. The million who marched were from every corner of the country, from all backgrounds, from every political party and from none.…  Seguir leyendo »

The United Kingdom government’s attempts to create consensus around a Brexit deal have collapsed. Now the people must be allowed to have their say again.

Despite British Prime Minister Theresa May’s insistence that her plan was the only possible outcome, Parliament rejected it by an unprecedented majority of 230 votes — the largest defeat in modern British political history.

Parliament was right to reject the deal. It doesn’t meet the promises made to the British electorate in 2016 — we were told we could “take back control” from Brussels while simultaneously enjoying the exact same benefits as a full European Union member.…  Seguir leyendo »