Lawrence McDonald

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Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy Sept. 15, 2008, setting off tremors throughout the financial system. It also caused upheaval in the personal lives of the hundreds of employees who worked for the once-venerable investment bank.

Three former employees write about their experiences, a year later.

1.- Last Days of Lehman: The Kindness of Strangers. By Lynn Gray.

2.- Last Days of Lehman: Robbed by the Bank. By Jane Pedreira.

3.- Last Days of Lehman: Final Call. By Lawrence McDonald.

It was late at night on Sept. 14, 2008, and I couldn’t sleep. I kept going over to the computer, looking for news of Lehman’s demise. I had lost my job in March, but I was still deeply invested in the company where I’d worked happily for four years. Many close friends still worked there. I had practical concerns as well: Much of my compensation remained in restricted Lehman shares. I feared I would be annihilated financially if the company went under.

My cell phone rang for maybe the 500th time that day. It was my former boss, a managing director and an old comrade-in-arms on the trading floor.…  Seguir leyendo »