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The Op-Ed page asked experts on women’s health to suggest simple measures to improve the wellbeing of mothers around the world.

1) A BIRTH PILL. An inexpensive medicine could save lives.
By Amy Grossman

2) A DOSE OF CARE. Counseling should be an important part of food aid programs.
By Helen Epstein

3) AN EDUCATION. Make going to school affordable.
By Esther Duflo

4) A SAFER LABOR. Provide clinics with the basics to preform Caesarean deliveries.
By L. Lewis Wall

5) A CUSTOM DRUG. Research to better medicate mothers-to-be.
By Ruth Faden, Anne Drapkin Lyerly and Maggie Little

Motherhood is a blessing, but in many parts of the world childbirth leaves women permanently injured and turns them into social outcasts.

In West Africa, only about 1 percent of pregnant women have Caesarean deliveries because the procedure isn’t widely available. When labor is obstructed, the baby is trapped in the pelvis, and labor can last up to a week.

Women who survive this ordeal can develop a hole in the bladder called a fistula. This injury — caused by the prolonged pressure of the baby’s head on the soft tissues of the pelvis — causes continuous and uncontrollable loss of urine.…  Seguir leyendo »