Liu Xiaoming

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In the Harry Potter story, the dark wizard Voldemort dies hard because the seven horcruxes, which contain parts of his soul, have been destroyed. If militarism is like the haunting Voldemort of Japan, the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo is a kind of horcrux, representing the darkest parts of that nation’s soul.

Last week, in flagrant disregard of the feelings of his Asian neighbors, Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, paid homage at the Yasukuni Shrine, where 14 Class A war criminals – defined as those who committed “crimes against peace” – are enshrined. They were among the 28 Japanese political and military leaders convicted by an international military tribunal after the Second World War.…  Seguir leyendo »

Rather a lot of megaphone diplomacy followed the recent UN vote on Syria. Confusion and anger flowed from British and western media. So why did Russia and China veto the UN security council draft resolution on Syria? As Chinese ambassador in the UK, I feel it is timely to give a more measured explanation of why China voted no. Also, I want to explain how together we can, must and should give peace a chance in Syria.

Since day one of this crisis, China has been watching the situation very closely. We have consistently urged all sides to stop violence, avoid civilian casualties and restore order in the country.…  Seguir leyendo »

As leaders of G20 nations converge in Seoul for their biannual summit, one of their biggest task will be to strengthen macro policy co-ordination, consolidate global economic recovery and promote strong, sustainable and balanced growth. The stakes are high. Leadership and the spirit of co-operation is what the world needs.

Some heavyweight economic commentators see a link between "manipulation" in China's yuan exchange rate and the global economic imbalances. Some call on China to allow its currency to appreciate substantially. The underlying assumption of these arguments is that yuan revaluation would help to redress global economic imbalances. Let me join the discussion by sharing the following thoughts.…  Seguir leyendo »