Louis Amédée Darga

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Oil leaks from the MV Wakashio, a bulk carrier ship that ran aground on a coral reef last summer off the coast of Mauritius. Though increasingly unhappy about political conditions in their country, Mauritians remain strongly committed to democracy, our surveys report. (Gwendoline Defente/EMAE/AP)

In February, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Mauritius among the 20 most democratic countries in the world. In March, the V-Dem Institute placed it among the world’s 10 most rapidly autocratizing countries.

Both ratings may have a point. After decades as a top-ranked democracy in Africa, Mauritius may be on the verge of a steep decline.

What do ordinary Mauritians have to say about it? Do they share analysts’ alarm that their democracy may be slipping away?

Findings from a 2020 Afrobarometer survey show that Mauritians have grave doubts about the state of politics in their country — and, in fact, were seeing red flags long before many analysts.…  Seguir leyendo »