Lynn Gray

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Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy Sept. 15, 2008, setting off tremors throughout the financial system. It also caused upheaval in the personal lives of the hundreds of employees who worked for the once-venerable investment bank.

Three former employees write about their experiences, a year later.

1.- Last Days of Lehman: The Kindness of Strangers. By Lynn Gray.

2.- Last Days of Lehman: Robbed by the Bank. By Jane Pedreira.

3.- Last Days of Lehman: Final Call. By Lawrence McDonald.

Early in the morning, a year ago today, I received an e-mail message at home from Lehman Brothers announcing its plans to file for bankruptcy. The message noted that Lehman would still be “open for business” that day.

So I headed toward the office at 745 Seventh Avenue. The television cameras and reporters were already there. I stopped to get my coffee from the street vendor and he asked how I was doing. I started to cry. I told him to keep the change from a $20 bill because I knew that if Lehman was gone he would suffer as well.…  Seguir leyendo »