Manu Saadia

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In what may be a turning point in French history, Emmanuel Macron, the former finance minister and center-left candidate in the French presidential election, called French colonization a “crime against humanity” and intimated that France should “offer apologies to all those toward whom we directed these acts.”

No public figure in France has ever dared to go that far in reckoning with the country’s colonial past, let alone discuss apologies. As a matter of fact, quite the opposite: No later than last August, François Fillon, the leading center-right candidate for the presidency, had stated that “no, France is not guilty to have wanted to share its culture with the people of Africa, Asia and North America.” The abyss between Fillon’s rather unfortunate “sharing” and Macron’s sweeping indictment is hardly limited to Algeria (where Macron made his statement).…  Seguir leyendo »