Mariam Lau

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Feminists across Western Europe are sounding the alarm. Prostitution, they claim, has become today’s “white slavery,” with ever more women from Bulgaria and Romania, Africa and Asia being forced, tricked or seduced into selling their bodies.

But in doing so, these activists are creating a schism in the movement, between those who see prostitution as another form of male oppression and those who see it as a possible means of female empowerment.

Much of the debate is centered in Germany, where prostitution is legal. As a result, the German author Alice Schwarzer said, the country has become “an El Dorado for human traffickers, a paradise for johns from all over the Continent,” who come in busloads to frequent the new “mega-brothels” in Cologne, Munich or Berlin.…  Seguir leyendo »

A few weeks ago, Germany’s left-leaning Social Democratic Party threw a lavish campaign event for more than 200,000 people next to the Brandenburg Gate in the middle of Berlin. There were bratwurst, balloons and songs, but the party never quite took off.

Perhaps that’s because in this Sunday’s national election, the Social Democratic Party, Germany’s oldest and proudest, is likely to endure yet another crushing defeat, just as it did in 2009, when it was voted out of government with a meager 23 percent of the vote.

When you ask leading members of the Social Democrats to explain why on earth they are losing so much ground at a time when global capitalism has been getting such bad press, they have an easy answer.…  Seguir leyendo »