Marie Staunton

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Giving birth in the UK is complicated. Antenatal checks, ultrasounds, blood tests, BMI indices, dating scans and more – and that’s before delivery. Giving birth in sub-Saharan Africa is simple by comparison. You can walk five hours for a basic check-up, if able. Then again, you are far less likely to survive.

Across the developing world there are none of the integrated healthcare services for expectant mothers that are universally available in the west. That means mothers-to-be have to visit up to five different healthcare providers for services that could be provided by one clinic.

And that is after conception. The burning issue on maternal health in the world’s poorest countries is for women to take control of their own bodies and for their choices to be respected: when to have children, how often to have children, if to have children at all.…  Seguir leyendo »