Martha Gill

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Theresa May, the British prime minister, after speaking with the news media upon arrival at a European Union summit meeting in Brussels on Thursday. CreditCreditAlastair Grant/Associated Press

I’ve recently been struck by how much following British politics reminds me of watching “Lost,” the long-running TV series from the early 2000s. The show was about a group of plane-crash survivors and was built on a bewildering structure of flashbacks, flash-forwards and, by Season 6, flash-sidewayses. It featured mysterious number sequences, a “smoke monster” and constant references to the philosophers of the early Enlightenment, the significance of which you later had to trawl internet discussion forums to understand.

The tone was one of desperate urgency, and every episode ended on a cliffhanger. There were about 400 important characters. If you missed a week, it was almost impossible to catch up, but somehow nothing really changed throughout the show’s 121 episodes.…  Seguir leyendo »