Matthew Tree

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On Sunday I woke up in the 19,000-strong town of Banyoles, in north-east Catalonia. Banyoles has long been festooned with pro-independence estelades – the Catalan flag invented in 1907 in imitation of newly independent Cuba’s – in expectation of the non-binding consultation on independence that was to take place that very day, there in the crisp, firewood-tinged air of this town that could be described as post-Spanish. However, I couldn’t vote in Banyoles myself, being a resident of Barcelona. I arrived in that city at 3pm.

The polling station for my neighbourhood was my kids’ old primary school. I picked up a voting slip and headed for the assigned table, where volunteers took my passport and ID card and carefully checked everything was in order before allowing me to cast my vote.…  Seguir leyendo »