Michael Lisman

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Of the many lessons to be learned from the Honduran political crisis, perhaps the most important one for would-be deal brokers is that if you get involved, prepare to stay involved.

The Organisation of American States, Costa Rican, Brazilian, Chilean and, most recently, US negotiators at even the highest levels have thrown up their hands in dismay at the intransigence on display. The agreement at the end of last month, which was praised by the Obama administration as a landmark in inter-American diplomacy, is now yet another in a line of broken ones.

If the US wants its stamp on this quagmire to be any different from those of the other scorned negotiators, it will send its team back down to Honduras and do all it can to get the broken deal back on track.…  Seguir leyendo »

There is, and has been, nearly global consensus on the fundamentally democratic question of whether Manuel Zelaya belongs back at the helm of Honduras for the remainder of his presidential term, with restrictions or otherwise. He probably does. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Honduras will be better off for it.

The story that has developed over the past three months has not made it easy for a reasoned international community that calls for his return on democratic principles. His border stunts and promises to carry out the unconstitutional referendum which ultimately led to his ouster are each signs that Zelaya’s goals for Honduras – even if taken at face value as genuine – are neither practical nor likely to bring about a resolution to the conflict that he himself began.…  Seguir leyendo »