Mike Honda

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In 1944, 16-year-old Yong Soo Lee of Taegu, Korea, was lured by a friend of hers to meet with an older Japanese man.

The man took the two of them, and three other teenage girls, by train, then ship, to Taiwan. There, the girls were forced into sexual slavery, serving four to five Japanese soldiers every day for a year. Lee suffered beatings and torture, was infected with a venereal disease, was fed paltry amounts of food, faced temperatures so cold that ice formed on her body, and was never allowed outside. Only the end of World War II brought her relief.…  Seguir leyendo »

As a public servant, I am confronted every day by serious problems without clear solutions. Once in awhile, however, I come upon a problem that actually can be fixed, if only we summon the necessary will and resources. The scourge of unexploded ordnance in Laos - remnants of a war that ended decades ago but still kills innocent civilians - is just such a problem.

Earlier this year, I traveled to Laos in the first delegation composed entirely of congressmen whose roots are from the Asia-Pacific region. We were there to address a number of foreign-policy issues, but I will never forget our visit with officials responsible for overseeing bomb-clearance work in Laos.What…  Seguir leyendo »