Murad Ahmed

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Empires always seem invincible just as they are about to crumble. Microsoft was no different. At the start of the decade, the company was dominant. Its software, Windows, ran most of the world’s computers. Windows users were then lured into using its other products — to surf the web, to listen to music, to write documents. Using a computer meant becoming a Microsoft customer.

The company was dominant. But not invincible. Today, Microsoft is openly mocked by Apple in its advertising. Computers have become portholes to the internet. Once there, Google is the brand people know and trust. Microsoft’s products are still used but they are not life-changing.…  Seguir leyendo »

Our little Paki friend… Ahmed.” Oh boy. I’ve heard that one before.

But not as recently as the friends I spoke to yesterday in Oldham, a place where racial tensions spilled into riots not long ago. Apparently, they still get called Paki all the time. By whom? “Oh, just little kids on the street. What can you do? They’re only children.”

Prince Harry is not a child. He is unlucky only in that, unlike most young men, his worst moments end up splashed across the front page of newspapers. That he thought it acceptable to use the word Paki to refer to a Pakistani colleague represents a pathetic failure in his upbringing.…  Seguir leyendo »