N. Ángel Pinillos

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Pump jacks at work bringing up oil in Campbell County, Wy. Climate change skeptics focus on uncertainty even in the face of abundant evidence, N. Ángel Pinillos writes.CreditCreditDamon Winter/The New York Times

No matter how smart or educated you are, what you don’t know far surpasses anything you may know. Socrates taught us the virtue of recognizing our limitations. Wisdom, he said, requires possessing a type of humility manifested in an awareness of one’s own ignorance. Since then, the value of being aware of our ignorance has been a recurring theme in Western thought: René Descartes said it’s necessary to doubt all things to build a solid foundation for science; and Ludwig Wittgenstein, reflecting on the limits of language, said that “the difficulty in philosophy is to say no more than we know.”…  Seguir leyendo »