Nic Robertson

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The parochial echo chamber of British politics has been punctured.

Into that noise will enter 27 European nations, each with its own red lines for upcoming negotiations.

Britain’s proposals for divorce will be picked apart. Anyone who thinks that Europe will not act in its own economic interests is kidding themselves.

The EU — which grew out of the Second World War as a way of ending Europe’s cyclical history of internal conflict — will cut its ties with Britain as cleanly and simply as it can.

Britain will be set free to its solitary island existence. But Europe still has its eye on the future — and many in Europe know that Britain is too good a catch to lose forever.…  Seguir leyendo »

Politics, like life, is Darwinian: A failure to evolve leads to extinction.

The Dutch elections put that process in a petri dish and under a microscope.

The results give a remarkable insight into a blossoming of a diverse — and in some cases dark — political life.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has achieved, to paraphrase his own lexicon, a quarter-final victory against angry anti-immigrant populists.

Yet the results reveal his football analogy as misleading. A decade ago, Dutch politics might have been more easily defined as a two-sided tussle. Today there are many more teams on the field.

Twenty-eight parties were on the ballot and some saw remarkable gains.…  Seguir leyendo »

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets US President Donald Trump at the White House next week, a lot will be at stake.

Not just the important relationship between the two countries, but, potentially, the future of the European Union.

Trump’s chaotic entry to the global stage is already having repercussions. Trump’s actions could trigger another tumultuous year in a fragile Europe ever more fragmented by nationalism

Close to a dozen European countries — including Germany — will go to the polls this year with populist-nationalists, many of whom who were buoyed by Trump’s victory, riding high in the polls.

In some countries — such as France and the Netherlands — the populists could win.…  Seguir leyendo »