Nile Gardiner

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She once strode across the European stage like a colossus.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel used to be the de facto leader of mainland Europe, the guardian of the continent’s liberal ideals, champion of European unity and standard bearer of German economic dominance and prowess.

This week’s barbaric act of terror on the streets of Berlin, however, served as a stark reminder of the limits of Merkel’s power, the inherent risks of her open borders approach to the refugee crisis and the extraordinary failures of German federal authorities in the face of the rising Islamist threat.

The chief suspect in the brutal attack on a Christmas market at the heart of Berlin is a Tunisian asylum-seeker, Anis Amri, who had already been the subject of an earlier German terror investigation but had been released instead of being deported, despite being in touch with radical Islamists, including a recruitment network for ISIS operating in Germany, German security officials told CNN.…  Seguir leyendo »