Noah Richler

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The resounding demand for change that saw the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau swept into the Canadian prime minister’s office, and Stephen Harper out of it, also introduced other auspicious changes, setting the country on a different but familiar path. The 338-seat House of Commons now has more female representatives than ever before, and there are 46 members from minority groups (though African-Canadians are still underrepresented). The country’s first lawmaker born in Afghanistan was elected. The 10 members from Canada’s indigenous population of about 1.4 million is also a record.

These results are immensely gratifying to a majority of Canadians who understand that aboriginal peoples, referred to as “First Nations,” hold a pivotal place in Canada, and that the modern nation-state was founded on the labor of successive tides of immigrants who left behind wars or natural disasters and built new lives here.…  Seguir leyendo »