Nuala O'Loan

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The violence of the last few days in Northern Ireland has been in marked contrast to the earlier part of this year’s marching season. The Drumcree march and many other marches passed off peacefully, or largely peacefully. Now, however, we have again seen people out on the streets rioting, we have seen police officers and members of the public injured, and we have seen shotguns, blast bombs, petrol bombs, bricks and other missiles thrown across communities and at the police. We have seen again the use of baton rounds and water cannon.

The scenes of destruction evoke the memories of years gone by.…  Seguir leyendo »

I was in the House of Commons on 1 February 1972 when defence minister Lord Balniel said of the Bloody Sunday massacre: “In each case, soldiers fired aimed shots at men identified as gunmen or bombers … in self-defence or in defence of their comrades who were threatened. I reject entirely the suggestion that they fired indiscriminately or that they fired into a peaceful and innocent crowd.”

Thirty-eight years and £191m later, Lord Saville has stated:

“The firing by soldiers of 1 Para on Bloody Sunday caused the deaths of 13 people and injury to a similar number, none of whom was posing a threat of causing death or serious injury.…  Seguir leyendo »