Olga Onuch

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Protesters hold the Ukraine flag and anti-government placards at a rally in Kiev, Ukraine. (Sergey Dolzhenko/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)

The journal Post-Soviet Affairs recently published a special issue on politics and identity in Ukraine. The question of Russian vs. Ukrainian identity has been central to the study of Ukrainian politics for decades now, but especially so since the “Euromaidan” protests of 2014, Russia’s subsequent annexation of Crimea, and continued violent conflict among Ukraine, Ukrainian separatists, and Russia-supported forces in the southeast. With this in mind, I spoke to one of the guest editors of the special issue, Olga Onuch, associate professor in politics at the University of Manchester and author of “Mapping Mass Mobilizations: Understanding Revolutionary Moments in Argentina and Ukraine” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).…  Seguir leyendo » “Ukrainians are getting less divided by language, not more”

On Oct. 15, Venezuelans went to the polls to elect state governors, amid a desperate economic crisis, manipulation of democratic institutions (including packing the supreme court and dissolving the legislature), and widespread allegations of electoral fraud. Last year, the country endured four months of massive street protests involving 6 million to 8 million Venezuelans; those protests were finally banned and put down by President Nicolás Maduro’s government, leading to 134 deaths and roughly 4,800 arrests.

Opinion polls had suggested that Maduro’s governing Socialist party would be turned out of office in many states. However, official results announced that the party won 17 of 23 governors’ seats.…  Seguir leyendo » “Venezuela’s latest elections are likely to trigger a regional migration crisis”

This weekend, Venezuela entered its 50th day of protests, the death toll rising to 45. And the world is concerned. The U.N. Security Council, President Trump, and other international actors are trying to stop the crisis in which Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is attempting to seize political power.

In studying protests in Ukraine and Russia, we have identified some common mistakes that observers make in analyzing such events as they occur. Here are five suggestions for better understanding the Venezuelan protests and their likely outcome.

1. The most popular images may not be real

A video of Mariel, a Venezuelan protester, recently went viral on social media.…  Seguir leyendo » “Don’t be duped or misled about the Venezuela protests. These 5 insights will help”