Patrick Mercer

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The foreign and defence secretaries should take a lesson from history. If they looked into our imperial past they would discover that the first phase of Operation Panther’s Claw was declared complete around the anniversary of the battle of Maiwand — a comprehensive defeat for a British brigade just east of the Helmand river in 1880. The 66th Regiment of Foot took terrible casualties and their successors, the Rifles, are today fighting and dying in their forebears’ footsteps. From that disaster came ultimate success that has many useful parallels for today.

David Miliband’s speech last week about closer engagement with the Taliban sounds superficially daring but such “reconciliation” talks have been under way for some years already.…  Seguir leyendo »

British troops in southern Afghanistan are at present counter-attacking one of the most serious Taleban offensives for some time.

Operation Panther’s Claw is one of the largest air-mobile operations mounted in this region and includes more than 3,000 troops, spearheaded by soldiers from, among other units, the Royal Regiment of Scotland and 2 Mercian.

It is centred on highly manoeuvrable light infantry deployed by helicopter. While these men fight the nation’s enemies, we are told that the Ministry of Defence plans further cuts to the infantry, including the units mentioned above.

Times are hard and every ministry is being told to look at drastic savings.…  Seguir leyendo »