Peter Foster

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Geopolitics is an inexact science, but the off-the-scale responses to the events of the past few months in the Middle East should send any sensible analyst rushing to double-check their data.

How is it that a putative nuclear deal with Iran can be welcomed as a “historic” opportunity in Washington and Tehran, but as a “historic mistake” in Jerusalem and “more dangerous than 9/11” in Riyadh, in the phrase of one leading Saudi Arabian commentator?

At the very least, the breadth of variance in those responses points to the immense stresses being placed on an old geopolitical framework, while inviting the question: is the world a safer place?…  Seguir leyendo »

When the newly re-elected Barack Obama spoke at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate last June, he invoked the call of history: with the ghosts of John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan hovering in the background, the newly-elected president urged his German audience to see itself as “part of something bigger”.

“We are also citizens of the world. And our fates and fortunes are linked like never before,” he said. “I say all this here, in the heart of Europe, because our shared past shows that none of these challenges can be met unless we see ourselves as part of something bigger than our own experience.”

The message was clear: nearly 70 years after the end of the last World War the time has come for Europe’s largest economy to shake off the understandable inhibitions that sprung from its role in that conflict and play a more constructive role in running the world.…  Seguir leyendo »