Peter Ross Range

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Germany is once again passing through the wringer of its past. At issue this time are not the deeds but the words of Adolf Hitler and the planned republication of his infamous manifesto-as-autobiography, “Mein Kampf,” a book that has been officially suppressed in the country since the end of World War II.

But while the prospect of the Führer’s words circulating freely on the German market may shock some, it shouldn’t. The inoculation of a younger generation against the Nazi bacillus is better served by open confrontation with Hitler’s words than by keeping his reviled tract in the shadows of illegality.…  Seguir leyendo »

If everything goes according to plan, on Sunday Germany will swear in Joachim Gauck as its 11th postwar president.

The choice of Mr. Gauck, a pastor known for his anti-Communist activism under the East German government, couldn’t come at a better time. Germany is playing the bad cop in the European Union’s efforts to manage the Continent’s debt crisis, and anti-German sentiment, particularly in southern Europe, is high. That in turn is pushing the German public away from spending more to help out its indebted neighbors, even as the country’s economy pushes it into a position of unrivaled power in Europe.…  Seguir leyendo »