Peter Vincent Pry

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In 1983, guerrilla fighters from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia murdered Alberto Uribe in a botched kidnapping attempt. Two decades later, Alberto Uribe’s son, Álvaro, would serve as Colombia’s president, from 2002-10, leading the government in a civil war against the rebel group he held responsible for his father’s death.

Álvaro Uribe’s merciless kill-or-capture campaign weakened the guerrillas, known as the FARC, enough to force negotiations. Talks began in 2012 under Mr. Uribe’s successor, President Juan Manuel Santos. Last week the Colombian government and the FARC announced a peace agreement to end what was one of the world’s longest armed conflicts.…  Seguir leyendo »

Prudence and common sense appear to be absent in the Obama administration and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, who during the current crisis with North Korea, falsely reassure the American people that Pyongyang cannot deliver on its threats to make a nuclear attack on the U.S. mainland.

North Korea could deliver a nuclear bomb in the hold of a freighter under a foreign flag to destroy a U.S. port city such as New York or Los Angeles. They could give a bomb to terrorist groups such as al Qaeda or Hezbollah to deliver by truck or plane across the porous U.S.…  Seguir leyendo »