Rached Ghannouchi

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People hold signs and Tunisian flags to show support for detained Ennahda Movement leader Rached Ghannouchi in Tunis on Feb. 21. (Photo by Hasan Mrad/DeFodi Images via Getty Images) (DeFodi Images /DeFodi Images via Getty Images)

This op-ed was written by my father two weeks ago, as an explanation of the current situation in Tunisia. My father also wanted to present an outline of the opposition’s efforts to restore democracy and its proposals for solving the economic and political crisis. He is now, once again, at 81 years of age, behind bars in prison, having been arrested over a week ago on the trumped-up charges of conspiring against state security, just three days before the Eid celebration. His words are still relevant and his appeal all the more urgent. — Yusra Ghannouchi

Rached Ghannouchi is leader of the Muslim democratic Ennahda (Renaissance) Party, and elected speaker of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, the Tunisian parliament, since 2019.…  Seguir leyendo »

Soldiers stood by in Tunis after President Kais Saied of Tunisia dismissed the government and froze Parliament this week. Credit EPA, via Shutterstock

On the morning of July 26, my colleagues and I — all of us democratically elected members of Parliament — found the Parliament building in downtown Tunis surrounded by army tanks and our access blocked on the orders of President Kais Saied.

In a televised speech the night before, Mr. Saied announced a host of measures, the most startling of which was suspending the work of the elected legislature. He stripped members of Parliament of their parliamentary immunity, sacked the prime minister and consolidated judicial and executive power in his hands. By doing so, Mr. Saied is seeking to overturn the results of an entire decade’s hard work by Tunisians who have fought for democratic reforms.…  Seguir leyendo »

La Tunisie a vécu, à la veille de la commémoration de son indépendance, un événement dramatique d’une rare violence. Le mercredi 18 mars, au moins vingt innocents, nos hôtes et nos enfants, ont perdu la vie et plusieurs dizaines ont été blessés dans leur chair. Le peuple tunisien, dans son entier, est en communion avec la douleur et la colère des familles des victimes.

La Tunisie sort meurtrie de ce massacre, mais reste lucide sur les desseins des terroristes. Le Bardo, lieu de l’attaque, symbolise à la fois notre culture millénaire et notre jeune démocratie. Visiblement, les terroristes cherchent à interrompre la transition démocratique en marche, et à plonger dans le chaos le seul pays où le « printemps arabe » a réussi à aboutir à l’émergence d’une démocratie.…  Seguir leyendo »