Richard Harries

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Defining oneself as a Christian has suddenly become problematical in our society. It is not just the case of the nurse Shirley Chaplin, who was asked to remove her cross; the issue goes much wider than that.

There are three reasons for this new situation. First, as a result of globalisation and its associated factor, immigration, religion has become an important marker of identity. I know someone who said that they hardly thought of themselves as Muslim in their original country, whereas now this is central to their being.

One effect of this is that whereas the indigenous population of England once simply defined themselves as Church of England or, in army parlance, “left-footers” if they were Roman Catholics, simply being a Christian can now seem the defining category.…  Seguir leyendo »

There are many Catholic-minded Anglicans like me who have wondered, more than once whether we should become Roman Catholics. Rome is clearly the senior church of the Western tradition and I find so much to admire about it.

I rejoice in its internationalism, its capacity to produce saints in even the most unpropitious times and its ability to inspire poets such as Gerard Manley Hopkins, novelists such as Evelyn Waugh, and a number of distinguished modern composers.

I am deeply moved by the ministry of priests working in the shantytowns of Latin America and elsewhere. Then, of course, for those with an orderly mind, there is the ability of the Vatican to present a clear message for the outside world.…  Seguir leyendo »