Rita Dayoub

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A soldier from MONUSCO patrols outside an Ebola Treatment Centre in Butembo, the epicentre of Democratic Republic of the Congo's latest Ebola outbreak, after it was attacked 9 March. Photo: Getty Images.

This month marks the third anniversary of the unanimous adoption by the UN Security Council of Resolution 2286, which condemns attacks on health care and demands that UN member states ensure the protection of health care delivery during conflicts.

The resolution addresses attacks against the wounded and sick; medical personnel and humanitarian personnel exclusively engaged in medical duties; their means of transport and equipment; and hospitals and other medical facilities in armed conflicts. It calls on all parties to conflicts to fully comply with their obligations under international laws to ensure health care delivery is protected.

In August the same year, the UN secretary general submitted his recommendations on measures to operationalize the resolution.…  Seguir leyendo »

The entrance of Idlib Health Directorate in November 2018. Photo: Getty Images.

The German Technical Cooperation Agency, which has been a major underwriter of health service delivery in the northwestern Syria governorate of Idlib for more than five years, suspended its funding to Idlib Health Directorate last month, three days after an Al-Qaeda affiliated group took full control of the governorate, the last-remaining opposition-controlled area in Syria.

Idlib Health Directorate has been the de-facto health authority in the opposition-controlled governorate since 2013. It was established by a group of local Syrian doctors to sustain medical standards and health governance in the absence of the central health ministry and has repeatedly pronounced it is neutral in the conflict.…  Seguir leyendo »