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Russia Has Opened Up a New Front. What Comes Next?

Last week, the Russian military opened a new front in its invasion of Ukraine.

Launching an offensive into the Kharkiv region, Russian forces quickly advanced several kilometers, managing to reoccupy several villages that were liberated during Ukraine’s successful offensive in September 2022. They have not yet reached the main line of defenses east of the city, which are held by brigades better equipped and more experienced than those closer to the border. But the situation is serious.

By threatening Ukraine’s second most populous city, Russia hopes to pin Ukrainian resources in the region, exposing the front elsewhere. Ukraine’s immediate priority is to stabilize the front line and prevent a major Russian breakthrough, which it may be able to do.…  Seguir leyendo »

Two months into the war in Ukraine, Russia is still struggling to achieve its goals. Its attempts to take or even surround Kyiv and Odessa have failed. Now it is refocusing its efforts on encircling Ukrainian forces around the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. But mounting attrition is threatening its ability to achieve even this secondary aim. As the war enters its next stage, who has the upper hand?

One of the surprising aspects of this war has been the extent to which Russia’s strategy exacerbated the weaknesses of its armed forces while failing to maximise their strengths. Russia chose to pursue too many objectives from too many axes of advance.…  Seguir leyendo »