Robert M. Morgenthau

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Next month we will note the 71st anniversary of the liberation of some of the more infamous Concentration Camps in Germany by the U.S. and British armed forces. On entering the camps, they found emaciated and disease-ridden inmates of those camps, but also survivors and dead transferees from Auschwitz. The Germans had taken them from Auschwitz just prior to the Soviet liberation of that death camp. Even in the waning days of a losing war, every effort was made to kill every Jew.

It is generally accepted that approximately 1.1 million Jews were murdered at Auschwitz . Since Allied bombers were visible from Auschwitz, the question has periodically been raised as to whether the Allies, and in particular, the United States, should have bombed Auschwitz to reduce its effectiveness as a killing center.…  Seguir leyendo »