Rosa Prince

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Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain speaking outside 10 Downing Street after a confidence vote by Conservative Members of Parliament, in London, on Wednesday.CreditCreditHenry Nicholls/Reuters

And so Theresa May limps on — bruised, battered and with less authority than ever to enact any real policies, destined to serve only as a vehicle for delivering Brexit.

There is a sense that we’ve finally reached a tipping point this time. Yes, she’s survived, but the wounds from Wednesday’s no confidence vote, while not immediately fatal, appear impossible to fully recover from. When she does finally go — and we now know that her departure will be sooner rather than later — the sense of loss in the country may be keener than expected.

For there’s a paradox at the heart of Britons’ relationship with the woman who is still, for now, their prime minister.…  Seguir leyendo »