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Our Misplaced Nostalgia for Cassette Tapes

Earlier this month the Canadian singer Nelly Furtado, who has sold more than 20 million singles worldwide, released an album that almost no one could find, and even fewer could listen to. That’s because the recording, “Hadron Collider,” which she made with the musician Blood Orange, was presented in a format once thought long relegated to the trash heap of tech history: the cassette tape.

Many people over 30 remember cassettes, with nostalgia, if not some disdain. And yet, for a slice of music fandom, Ms. Furtado’s choice of medium makes perfect sense. Cassettes, somehow, are making a comeback.

Go to any indie show and inevitably, among the T-shirts and knickknacks, there will be tapes.…  Seguir leyendo »

France is glad to be rid of Nicolas Sarkozy, who lost the country’s presidency in a runoff election this weekend to the Socialist candidate, François Hollande. He was ineffective in office, and prone to gaffes in public.

But the French will miss him more than they realize. Beneath the boorishness, the cringe-worthy comments, he transformed how France thinks of the presidency, just as he altered what America thinks of the French.

Heads of France lead from a palace, and traditionally they retire to a cloud. Mr. Sarkozy’s predecessors, François Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac, the “my two dads” of the Fifth Republic, still float above the country, disembodied and untouchable.…  Seguir leyendo »