Salamishah Tillet

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Serena Williams at the United States Open on Saturday, when she accused the chair umpire of sexism. "Her rage was for the countless women silenced by sexist discrimination, not a simple pleading for herself," Salamishah Tillet writes.CreditCreditGeoff Burke/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

I’ve never booed so loudly in my life. I was standing in Arthur Ashe Stadium on Saturday at the women’s finals of the United States Open, and I barely could hear Serena Williams. She was protesting an unjust and unnecessary penalty that the chair umpire issued.

“This has happened to me too many times,” she said. “This is not fair.”

Williams’s vexed relationship with umpires at the tournament is well documented. Even so, I knew I was also watching another history unfold, a quietly revolutionary one.

Williams had liberated herself of constraint. Rather than swallow her frustrations in the face of discrimination, Williams fought back and reminded the world of her greatness.…  Seguir leyendo »