Sallai Meridor

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While everyone is watching events unfold in Libya, Syria and the rest of the Arab world, Iran is watching, too. And the leaders in Tehran may decide that this is the time to rush for the bomb. Moammar Gaddafi gave it up. Bashar al-Assad fell short of getting it. Would they be next?

The mullahs probably ask themselves a fair number of “what if” questions. What if Gaddafi had had the bomb? Would NATO have dared to bomb Libya? Would the Europeans even have thought to take Gaddafi on if he had had nuclear-armed missiles aimed at Italy and France? And what if Assad had the bomb?…  Seguir leyendo »

One might expect that Israelis, who live in the only democracy in the Middle East, would turn out in the squares of Jerusalem and the gardens of Tel Aviv to show solidarity with the demonstrators in Egypt. The protesters, after all, are seeking to overthrow an authoritarian regime.

Israelis, however, have stayed at home, warily following events on TV and the Internet.

It is not a democratic Egypt that Israelis fear but the prospect of Egypt being hijacked by enemies of democracy, of Israel and of the United States. Within every revolution are some who hope to use democratic processes to establish oppressive regimes.…  Seguir leyendo »