Sandeep Jauhar

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Christiaan Barnard, center, with other heart surgeons and a model of the human heart in 1967. Credit Associated Press

Fifty years ago this Sunday, the first human heart transplant was performed in Cape Town. It was an epoch-making advance in science — and also, perhaps, in human culture. The heart, heavy as it is with symbolism, has always occupied a special place in our collective imagination. Despite our relatively sophisticated biomedical understanding of its function, many people still think of the heart as the seat of affection and courage. When Barney Clark, a retired dentist with end-stage heart failure, received the world’s first permanent mechanical heart in 1982, his wife worried he might not still be able to love her.…  Seguir leyendo »

It’s Not Just About ‘Quality of Life’

My patient had been having chest pains for several days before his heart stopped. Paramedics managed to revive him, but not before his lungs, kidneys and brain were severely damaged by the lack of blood flow. The prognosis was grim. A neurologist in the intensive care unit said the best possible outcome would be life in a persistent vegetative state.

Most doctors would recommend purely palliative treatment at this point, and that is what we did. There was no chance of organ recovery, little chance the patient could ever be weaned from the ventilator. However, his family members said they were willing for him to be in this state as long as he was alive.…  Seguir leyendo »