Sarah Maraniss Vander Schaaff

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I was nearly 8 years old when an Air Florida Boeing 737-200 crashed into the 14th Street Bridge and fell into the Potomac River on Jan. 13, 1982. I remember standing near the TV, watching the news coverage of a man treading water in the freezing river while trying to save passengers.

The previous March, I’d watched the same TV while reporters discussed the condition of President Ronald Reagan and three others shot at the Washington Hilton.

We lived in Maryland, but our lives were focused on Washington and, because my dad worked at The Post, on news.

Perhaps it’s fitting that one of my strongest memories of giving birth to my oldest daughter is that the TV was on in the hospital room and Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” was talking about the smoke emanating from a chimney in the Sistine Chapel.…  Seguir leyendo »