Sarah Maza

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A yellow-vested demonstrator blocks a road near a fuel refinery in La Mede, France, in November. (Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters)

Both in the United States and in France, commentators have been quick to compare the swarming “yellow vests” who have taken to the streets railing against President Emmanuel Macron as a heartless autocrat to the sans-culottes who beseiged the Bastille in 1789 to howls of rage against the government.

Both violent protest movements were touched off by tax increases on top of years of hardship for the poor. In 1789, Parisian workers hated their haughty queen far more than their hapless king; it seems as though Macron has stepped all too easily into the role of a modern Marie Antoinette. While progressive in many of his beliefs — he’s a Europhile, an environmentalist, and is open to multiculturalism and gay rights in ways still rare in French politics — he is mostly tone-deaf to the problems of the poor, cutting taxes on the ultra-rich and telling the occasional protester to just go and get a job.…  Seguir leyendo »