Scaachi Koul

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A vigil in Manchester last week. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times

When you type Olivia Campbell’s name into Facebook’s search bar, it automatically suggests adding “Manchester” to the end of it. Seemingly, a lot of people have been looking her up, and her Facebook page — now listed as “Remembering Olivia Campbell” — is filled with comments from strangers and friends alike, sending prayers to her family. Scroll down to before we knew she was one of the 22 victims of Monday night’s Manchester Arena attack, and you’ll see her boyfriend, Lewis Brierley, posted a photo of them together, saying he was praying for her safety.

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A sign stating “Quebec in mourning” at a rally near the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City last month. Credit Alice Chiche/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

When Justin Trudeau was elected prime minister of Canada — with a majority Liberal government, no less — it marked the hopeful end of nearly a decade of Conservative rule. “Sunny ways,” Mr. Trudeau said in his acceptance speech. “This is what positive politics can do.”

His victory received fawning international coverage: The son of another popular prime minister, and conventionally good-looking, he managed to say all the right things about climate change and feminism. Remember when he achieved gender parity with his cabinet appointments? Swoon.

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