Shihoko Goto

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The world may view August 15 as the date when World War II finally ended in Asia. But for Japan, the emotional end came a week earlier, when the United States dropped two atom bombs on Japan. The plight of Hiroshima, and later Nagasaki, continue to epitomize the horrors of war that devastated Japanese civilian life and have informed Japan’s pacifist foreign policy in the decades since.

But is that starting to change?

A fear of armed conflict has undoubtedly made Japanese wary of shifting away from the country’s war renouncing post-war constitution. Indeed, even though the document was imposed upon Japan by the United States, it has nonetheless enjoyed solid support from the majority of a population that believes Japan has a unique voice in the world as the only victim of nuclear attacks.…  Seguir leyendo » “What Abe should say for August 15”