Stanley Kober

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The American policy of imposing sanctions on Iran may have run into a problem: Instead of becoming more accommodating, Iran seems to be upping the ante. But if sanctions are not intimidating Iran’s leaders, there is one challenge they fear: the brain drain to foreign – especially American – universities.

Recently, the Iranians blocked delivery of fuel to Afghanistan, claiming it was being diverted to the coalition forces. On Christmas weekend, Afghan First Vice President Mohammad Qasim Fahim arrived in Tehran on an unannounced visit.

During that visit, Iran agreed to lift its fuel embargo. Assuming the Iranians were not simply persuaded by Mr.…  Seguir leyendo »

The world at the beginning of the 21st century bears an eerie – and disquieting – resemblance to Europe at the beginning of the last century.

That was also an era of globalisation. New technologies for transportation and communication were transforming the world. Europeans had lived so long in peace that war seemed irrational. And they were right, up to a point.

The first world war was the product of a mode of rational thinking that went badly off course. The peace of Europe was based on security assurances. Germany was the protector of Austria-Hungary, and Russia was the protector of Serbia.…  Seguir leyendo »